Kevin C. Wilson ND, Naturopathic physician
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As a naturopathic physician, I am a general practice doctor excited by working with and treating whole families as necessary. I am comfortable treating all kinds of health concerns with people of all ages. My favorite treatment options for painful conditions such as MVA injuries are physical medicine modalities that include ultrasound, massage, spinal manipulation, and prolotherapy. I prescribe many herbal medicines, specific nutrients at therapeutic doses, and homeopathic remedies. Some patients are candidates for intravenous therapies such as vitamin and mineral 'cocktails', dilute hydrogen peroxide for infections and soon, chelation therpy for chronic cardiovascular disease.

Naturopathic doctors have a broad scope of practice in the State of Oregon. As a result, the services that I can offer are quite wide ranging. In addition to office visits to discuss your health concerns, I use many kinds of therapies for the relief of pain or functional disturbances.  I am also licensed to prescribe most conventional medicines used by primary care physicians to control infections, treat hormonal dysfunctions, and manage pain. 

In addition, I use conventional and alternative laboratory tests to help diagnose and understand the nature of a patient's condition. Food allergy testing, heavy metal toxicity testing, intestinal and glandular function testing are all available in my office.  I often suggest conventional laboratory evaluations as well.  This might include blood and chemistry screenings, hormonal evaluation, and other standard diagnostic tests.


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